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The Internet is a wonderful powerhouse of both opportunities and stiff competition for MLM. If you are serious about generating successful Leads (so no tirekickers!!), you need to stand apart from the crowd (attraction marketing). The key is to give your audience something to think about. Here are a few ideas for free MLM Lead Generation

Of course the most important thing that we need in network marketing is a steady stream of high  quality leads. Because I received so many questions about how I generate my leads, today I decided to write about this topic. Because there are so many ways to gererate MLM leads I decided to start with the most oldschool way and then move on with my personal favourites.

Making a list of all the people you know
Of course there is “the list”… We have all started with this and for many network marketers this is the worst thing EVER! For others YOUR LIST is the best thing on earth and it builds their downline right from the first minute. Most network marketers will know about this but let me quickly explain for those who have NO idea:

Make a list of all the people you know, it doesnt matter what their relationship to you is, as long as they know who you are. Do not judge if they would like your product or not and do not make a decision. Then you can start calling this list but before doing so please discuss with your upline what you should discuss and what call to action works best for your network marketing business.

Facebook Marketing
One of my main marketing tools to generate MLM leads is of course Facebook, a great way to find people who are looking to connect and to learn more about for example online or attraction marketing. Be careful though not to make the mistake that about 95% of the networkmarketers are making! People are on Facebook to connect with other people or maybe to learn but they are not there to looking for an opportunity.

What a lot of people do is the following after they connect as FB friends: “Hi Remco nice to meet you and thank you for accepting my friendship! I think you will be interested in this great moneymaking blablablablabla, please have a look and get back to me as soon as you can”. SERIOUSLY!!

So what DO you do on Facebook to create MLM leads?
Well what I do, is share knowledge and help people to build their business. I build a connection just by being myself and telling them exactly what I did to build my business. From there friends of friends contact me, join my list and buy my products or most importantly, JOIN MY TEAM :-)   For an example on how I turn my Facebook friends and followers into MLM or affiliate leads go here:

Twitter Marketing
Another GREAT way of marketing is by using Twitter to connect to people and offer them knowledge and help. People are on Twitter and Facebook because they want to connect. For example by asking questions people are looking for a leader to step up and help them with their problem. Again, Twitter is being spammed a lot by companies and marketers pushing their products. Pushing does NOT work! Helping people, that’s what its all about! Here is a great training for “realtime marketing” by Tom Deeter

A good tool for searching Twitter and also sending messages to several accounts is by using Hootsuite, very easy to use! What I use for adding Twitter followers on autopilot is Tweetadder.

Article Marketing
Well of course I have written many things about article marketing and why it is one of my most important marketing tools but here is just another short summery.
Attraction marketing is based on the fact that you are an expert in your field. For example in my case I position myself as a professional internet marketer who using the internet to build a connection with people and train them to generate MLM leads online. By sending out articles more and more people all over the internet will see you as a person with knowledge about the topic you’re focusing on. From there you build a connection and TRUST so that people get the feeling they know you. After some time (this is a longer process of I would say minimum of three months to build) people will start finding your site and start calling you with questions. Then of course again you make sure you have a lead capturepage like for example my Facebook page.

Attraction Marketing
I have mentioned attraction marketing in the pragraph before so I think by now you get the idea. Present yourself as a leader in your industry by using social media marketing and article marketing. By not presenting yourself like a desperate person but as a leader who’s here to help people will contact you and ask for help. The trust will be built and people will buy the products that you advise them to use.

Blog Marketing
I have written an article a while back about blogging which I am sure will help you a lot. Please click here to go to the article

Video Marketing
To build a connection with you readers and followers video marketing is BY FAR the best way! I am not here to tell you that I am making perfect videos but I do believe that these videos will show you exactly who I am and what I am about, and this is most important to me. Again, they are here to build TRUST! My main advise for is just to start making videos and practice a lot. To get topics to make videos about, just watch a training on MLSP (see my products) and then tell your viewer what you have learned today. I tried to do the same thing in my first attempts with this type of marketing here:

To sum up
IMPORTANT!!… do NOT start SELLING your product online to everyone you run into. People are looking for a CONNECTION AND KNOWLEDGE on social media sites and they are not looking for the next salespitch!! So offer them what they are looking for and guide them to become successful, only by helping others you will become successful. You will HAVE to let go of your ego and focus on other people :-)

Purchasing MLM leads
First of all, I personally NEVER buy leads from external companies!!
So for “buying” leads I advise you to use Pay Per Click marketing. I also advise you that when you decide to start spending money on leads that you get a proper training by experts who have done it before. For learning how to generate both paid as well as free leads HERE are some great systems created to help you with training and automated affiliate income options.

Purchase MLM leads
When you would like to purchase leads please contact me on Skype (trainyourpersonnel) so I can give you personal advise about this and tell you about some companies I have a good experience with. It is important that you know where to buy them since many leads are SH*T and a waste of money!

As always, thank you for supporting my site and please share this when you think this will help others reaching their goals! I will be for ever grateful!


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