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HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!  My gift to you, Start Saving Money Now
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What is My Shopping Genie??
My shopping Genie is a free webshopping application featured on CNN that helps people find the lowest price when shopping online and save them up to 200 to 300 USD per month for things they would have bought anyway.


Here’s how it works
After you install the webshopping app and search for a product using your favorite major searchengine such as Google or Yahoo The Genie springs into action helping you find the best prices on the internet. Best of all, there are NO PAYMENTS OR FEES, the app is absolutely 100% FREE.

By using The Genie, the average family can save up to 200 to 300 Dollars per month on items they were going to purchase anyway and it can provide you the opportunity to earn money online by simply giving away the free money saving web app.

Companies pay Billions of Dollars every year to get traffic to their websites, although this traffic does not guarantee immediate purchases, these companies are willing to pay people to generate intrest in their products. And every time someone clicks on their featured products, someone gets paid. Companies like Google and earn billions of dollars a year, one click at a time.

My Shopping Genie now gives YOU the opportunity to cash in on this Billion dollar business. All you have to do is give away the free patent pending webapp which directs traffic to websites that share their clickadvertising Dollars with you. When you activate your online business giving away free Genie’s you can be paid significant pay per click income, generated from Retailers, Wholesalers and Liquidaters.

Imagine, getting paid EVERY time you help others save money!

There are NO special skills required, adds to create or websites to build, simply give away the webapp for free, and you can get paid.

It’s Time to Get Started!

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Remco de Vries
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